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What is Candyruntzstrain.com?

Candyruntzstrain.com is set out out to set the standards when it comes to bringing the purest, top-quality products to the market.

To achieve this, we have built our brand ground up using a team that comprises the industry’s best.

We are vertically integrated which allows us to be in control of our entire process from seed to the final product.

The brand is for those who aim to become the best at what they do. 

Candyruntzstrain.com is an Online Cannabis website that sells Different Strains of Candy runtz, Cannabis seeds, Shrooms Edibles Together with Gummies.
Mark Brown

Our Dispensary Is Located in Abingdon, Illinois united States. Come Pay us a Visit or Call the Number : +1(601)-493-9799

Our Phylosophy

We believe visionary plants are an integral role in the process of self-growth and development. They serve as a tool for accessing higher levels of thought, creativity, and critical thinking — which permeates into all aspects of our life.

Plants like hemp, kava, kanna, cacao, and other plants all help us reach and maintain the 8 virtues of higher-dimensional thinking that make us better and more successful humans.

We create products that adhere to this philosophy by sourcing visionary compounds directly from nature. We’ve started with hemp, but see the value in other species of plants and fungi as well (coming soon).


Whether you use our products for health, as a tool for self-growth & creativity, or purely for recreation is completely up to you. Nobody here is going to tell you how to live your life. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use our products — but it’s up to us to make sure the products you’re using are created with the highest level of integrity. No corners were cut at any point in the manufacturing process — regardless of the time, cost, and effort involved. We only make premium-grade extracts — we don’t waste our efforts with the lower-grade stuff we wouldn’t want to use ourselves.

All of our products are guaranteed to be clean and clear from any and all of these harmful elements because we don’t want to consume that sh*t either. We believe in quality over quantity.

Our brand was founded as a testing ground for new cannabinoids & other phytochemicals. Our founder MR Mark Brown is a biochemist and former member of the Shulgin institute. He spent over a decade developing and perfecting various methods of cannabis extraction and isolation.

Do you need a medical card for weed delivery?

No, if you’re over 21 years old or older, you can order cannabis delivery at Candyruntzstrain.com. We are partnered with cannabis brands in the recreational market. This means all customers must be 21 years old or older with a valid government ID to order through Hashishvalley.com. You can also order if you’re over 18 with a valid medical marijuana recommendation. All orders are processed by our brand & distributor partners and delivered by their delivery partners.



We are dedicated to providing the best natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. We pride ourselves in only working with the most experienced cannabis cultivators and every product we offer goes through a rigorous testing process in order for us to confidently stand behind it.


We understand the growing need for cannabis across the country. Our goal is to provide every person in need and that is of age with high quality and affordable products; medicinal marijuana patients and recreational cannabis consumers alike.


Having over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. This means our team has deep roots to be able to bring to you the highly sought after Premium Grade BC Bud. 


Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer support team is on standby from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day ready to take your calls, respond to your emails, or live chat with you on the spot.


Undetectable and discreet packaging along with Express shipping means that you can shop with Hashishvalley in confidence and expect your order shortly.


All information submitted through our website is maintained in an industry-standard compliant database and will not be shared.
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How To Order On Our Website?

Getting Your Desired Products to your Home is Just an Easy Game with No stress. It goes as Follows:
1- Choose Your Favourite and Desired Products and add them to Cart. 
-Then Proceed to checkout, Fill the Form in the Checkout Page.
-Select the Length of shipping Days You want For Your Products To Arrive You.
-Lastly, Choose the most Suitable Payment Method for You.
Incase of More Inquiries, Simply Chat with the Sales Team Via Website Live Chat or Email: Sales@candyruntzstrain.com
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