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Variety Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content 13.50 – 19.45%
CBD Content % Low (0-1%)
Taste/Flavour Cream|Floral|Fruity|Incense|Leather|Musky|Sweet
Effect Energetic|Euphoric|Long-lasting|Stimulating |Uplifting
Flowering Time 84 – 98 days
Meta Keywords Thai A5 Haze Feminised Seeds

Thai A5 Haze adds a Thai strain from Chiang Mai to the Nevil’s male A5 Haze. The Thai component has certainly injected a cleaner, more energetic and cerebral high into this 90% sativa hybrid.

Plants are slender and tall with flexible branches and long, thin leaves. Flowering indoors is long, 12 – 14 weeks, and, such is the height of these plants that they will benefit from a very short vegetative growth phase of 15 days from germination, or 7 days after rooting cuttings, which will tend to keep the plants shorter than they would otherwise be. Training, e.g. with SCRoG also helps with possible height issues.

Outdoors, plants can be grown up to 43° N & S with greenhouse use extending this range a little more. Please bear in mind that, indoors or outdoors, these tropical/sub-tropical sativas require a high light intensity to flourish. Production potential is high in whichever environment they are grown. Nutrient requirements are quite light and flowering settles in more quickly with just 11 hours of light per cycle.

Thai A5 Haze has a very complex terpene profile that includes meat/offal, leather, incense, decaying vegetation with fruitier, creamy, floral and musky notes.

THC levels can be as high as 19.45% while CBD is negligibale at 0.03 – 0.04%. CBG has been measured at 0.89 – 0.93%. The effect is very clear and clean, uplifting, cerebral and with high energy. The duration of the high exceeds 2 hours after which a more calm and relaxed state is reached without any sort of ‘hangover’.

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