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Shishkaberry Strain, or better known as “The Kish” is an indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa) that is both potent (THC level up to 26%) and delicious. This highly sought after strain is bred from The Red x Blueberry strains. Shishkaberry was the 2nd place winner of the High Times’ Cannabis in 2001 due to its ability to make smokers immensely happy and uplifted while keeping you motivated and focused. The heavy body high that occurs after is followed by nice, relaxing blissful moments before you fall into deep sleep. This dank bud is a patient favorite with its nugs a rich dark green with furry amber hairs and frosty with thick white trichomes.

The Shishkaberry strain is a unique hybrid that has many different effects. Users have described it as an initially uplifting, happy high followed by a heavy body feeling and then finally easing the user into sleep. Because of these potent effects, this particular type of weed can be used for treating patients with chronic pain or Parkinson’s Disease since they usually want to just relax after their medical treatment rather than being too wired up from medications like some other types might cause people to feel.

Shishkaberry has an aroma of fresh earthy berry and a taste of fresh-picked earthy berries that sweetens upon exhale. Shishkaberry buds have dense spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with minty green leaves and undertones. These nugs are specked with furry dark amber hairs and are absolutely frosty with thick white trichomes. Users describe the Shishkaberry high as one that has an initial onset of an insanely happy and uplifting feeling that leaves you social and focused. This is followed by a lazy heavy body high that leaves you sedated before easing you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

THC Level: Up to 26%

Flavours: Berry, Sweet, Grape

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Calm, Relaxing, Uplifting, Motivation, Sleepy, Relaxing

Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Migraines, Trauma

Shishkaberry was the 2nd place winner of the High Times’ Cannabis in 2001 and is one of our personal favourites!


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