Purple Lemonade Auto Feminised Seeds


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Product Types (class) Seeds THC
Genetics Purple x Citrus x Ruderalis
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
THC Content 22%
CBD Content % Low (0-1%)
Yield Indoors: 400 – 500 gr/m2
Taste/Flavour Citrus|Sweet
Effect Body|Physical|Uplifting
Flowering Time 56 – 63 days after flowering begins
Plant Height 70 – 110 cm.

Purple Lemonade Auto is a 70% indica hybrid bred from a cross of the very best Californian Purple and Citrus genetic material with the addition of ruderalis’ auto-flowering traits. It yields well both indoors and outdoors and with high THC production. 


How Purple Lemonade Auto Grows

The height of Purple Lemonade is between 70 – 110 cm. When grown in soil, it responds well to nutrients but performs better than expected with little or no added feed. Vigorous in growth, Purple Lemonade responds well to LST (low-stress training) with its inter-nodal spacing ideal for encouraging the buds to grow upwards, thereby increasing yields.

Once flowering has begun, it will take 8 – 9 weeks to finish and be ready for harvest. Plants that have enjoyed added nutrients will be better for a two-week flush. Buds are a delightful purple shade flecked with orange pistils. The smaller leaves surrounding the buds are dark green and liberally coated with resin-producing trichomes. Yields are in the region of 400 – 500 gr/m2.

Indoor, some form of aroma control would be a good idea as the powerful smell pervades the grow room and the dried buds.


Purple Lemonade Auto Taste, Smell, And Effect

Both scent and taste are of citrus with a somewhat sweet finish. THC production is up to 22% with low CBD. The effect is nicely uplifting, with the sativa genetics shining through at first before it evolves into a more physically relaxing effect that never degenerates into couch-lock. It makes for a great daytime strain as well as being nicely relaxing for the evening.


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